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You can add bleed guides in the new document dialogue box when you're first creating your document. But if you forgot to, then you can just go up to the file menu and choose document setup. Inside the document setup dialogue box, you'll see an area called bleed … Displays possible weights for crop and bleed mark lines. Offset Specifies how far from the edge of the page (not the bleed) InDesign will draw printer’s marks. By default, InDesign draws printer’s marks 6 points from the edge of the page.

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Adding bleed to raster images placed in Indesign can be a little tricky. Adding the bleed is done in Photoshop using the methods described in the previous section, then the image link needs to be updated in Indesign. I am not a fan of the way Adobe Indesign handles images that have been cropped or resized. If your print design layout has images and/or colors that touch the edge of the paper, then you must include bleeds in the InDesign file and extend these images and colors 1/8″ to 1/4″ beyond the edge. Otherwise, things won’t print as you intended. The extra space beyond the edge is the bleed area.

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I also cove 2020-01-13 Bleed is the area outside the Trim and is "extra". Nothing which is important should be in the bleed area. The bleed areas should only encompass extra bits of anything which you want to print to right up to the edge of the page (trim). When trimmed, the paper can shift slightly.

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(See Create a new document to learn more about customizing your new document.) Select the Print tab at the top.
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Pictures, lines, art and text can all bleed off the page. Sometimes we can fix this problem without a new file, but usually, this problem stops production until a new file is made.

If you don't add bleed to the document in the Document Properties, checking use document bleed settings when you export a PDF won't do anything, even if you do have objects bleeding off the page. I set up my book with bleed marks, but misinterpreted the printer's requirements and deleted them. Now I've set them up again in Document Setup, but they don't show up inmy InDesign document.
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Think you know how to handle bleed? Please ask us if you are unsure about formats, resolution, bleed, etc. Du får gärna kunna InDesign, Photoshop etc. Och som sagt, affischer "ska man göra" i InDesign och/eller illustrator. Glöm inte att räkna med bleed/utfall så slipper du tråkiga vita kanter sen. For best results please add 1/16" bleed.